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Rebekah Schiller iphoneographyHi there! Thanks for stopping by! I live in Lancaster PA which is west of Philadelphia. My deep love of photography began in the late ’70s in college. I always had an eye to capture life in its raw form, but it was in the college darkroom where I grew to love the process and wonderment of taking these ‘captures’ and bringing them to life.

In early 2000, I discovered the art of Polaroid transfers and emulsion lifts. For several years I explored and created in this medium. MORE >

With the purchase of an iPhone in 2011, I discovered another avenue to explore  photography creatively — iPhoneography*  or  iPhone Art.  All the images on this site were taken with the iPhone and processed (edited and enhanced) with the iPhone and/or iPad utilizing a plethora of art apps! Here’s a list of my top 10 favorite Apps.

I am also discovering the wonders and possibilities of creating abstract works on the iPad. They begin with a completely blank canvas (surface) as opposed to a photograph. With the various drawing, painting and collage tools/apps, I begin with a line, a color, a thought, a feeling, and it grows from there.

If interested in prints of any of the iPhone Art seen on the site, feel free to contact me.

*iPhoneography | iPhone Art — A purely digital photographic process using the iPhone camera as the primary tool.